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MNHINS Manufacturing Services

MNH understands the unique risks you and your employees face while producing and transporting your product. Simply put, your business is too complex not to be reviewed by manufacturing experts.

As with all our specialties, the role at MNH is to offer options that mitigate your risks with the least amount of capital. There are distinct advantages to using MNH as your insurance agency. We have access to multiple insurance carriers which enable us to get competitive coverages and pricing to meet your needs.

Some of the many services we provide include:

  • Assisting clients in building a team of professionals, including CPAs, attorneys, and bankers with knowledge of the manufacturing industry.
  • Reviewing your exposures, audits and claims history while recommending proper coverage and evaluating reserves.
  • Coordinating insurance company loss control, claims and audit services, along with reviewing individual claims with adjusters on problem cases.
  • Reviewing contracts for proper coverage, including all indemnity language.
  • Reviewing experience modifiers for accuracy and projecting future modifiers.
  • Reviewing current executive benefits, key person life insurance, and employee benefits coverage.

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